Additional Services We Provide

Improving the Mix of your Patients - that can increase your revenue by 50%+.

Hiring new Mid-Level Practitioners

You may benefit from hiring a new mid-level practitioner to see routine follow-up patients.

We will evaluate your schedule and your flow to find out if hiring a new Mid-Level Practitioner will be profitable. In some cases you will benefit from bringing in a new Mid-Level Practitioner to work only several days a week.

Evaluating Buying New Equipment

We will evaluate potential new equipment purchases and give you a financial breakdown of how profitable it may be.

Buying new equipment also needs to be looked at in terms of your time and your goals. For example, there is no point building a surgery center unless it will have a high occupancy rate (by yourself and/or other MDs).

Evaluating your Referral Strategy

We will help put together Referral Strategy that is focused on your specialty and competitive advantage.

Evaluating your Marketing and Branding

We first focus on putting together core branding messages you want to send to your patients that take advantage of your specialty and competitive advantage. We will then work with your practice manager or marketing person to make sure that your ongoing Marketing Strategy always reflects this focus on your specialty and competitive advantage.


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