Every MD needs a COO who makes sure that all aspects of MD practice are perfectly optimized. In reality, MDs are usually too busy to oversee this ongoing process, and practice managers are usually too busy with every-day grind to implement ongoing optimization and improvements.

If an MD is an employee (hospital or private practice), then there are additional important considerations that affect your income. Your company CEO and COO represent the best interests of the company. And there can be (exceedingly often) conflicts between what is in the best interest of the company and employed MDs. As an employed MD, you need representation (almost sports agent-like) to make sure that your contract is favorable (salary, revenue percentages, expenses allocations, etc...), and to make sure that you are getting an appropriate mix of patients. Basically, to make sure your revenue and income are optimized, and that you are not being taken advantage of by company ownership and well as by your colleagues.

Evaluate your Practice, Improve your Flow, Clean up your Billing and Coding - That can often increase your revenue by 10-30+%.

Improve the Mix of your Patients - that can increase your revenue by 50%+.

MD Contract Negotiations - evaluating and helping you negotiate employment, relationship with another MD, surgery center, etc...

Additional Services We Provide - hiring new Mid-Level Practitioners, evaluating Buying New Equipment, evaluating your Referral Strategy, evaluating your Marketing and Branding.

Complimentary Initial Consultation - we are happy to offer free/no-obligation initial consultation.


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